The success of an organization is based on offering and maintaining quality standards in the services it offers, therefore the direction of Viajes Massabus, S.L. It is committed to defining a Quality Policy in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers and maintain a continuous improvement in our management, making sure that the services we provide maintain the quality standards mentioned above.

Our commitment to the political-social environment

We comply with current legislation regarding the laws and regulations for the development of our activity..

We comply with the guidelines of the Code of Ethics, which includes the Company's commitment to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas of action and regulates the ethical and responsible behavior of all professionals in the development of their activity..

We favor transparency and free market practices, rejecting any type of illegal, fraudulent or contrary to ethics practice, developing a business culture of ethics and honesty.

Our commitment to our Suppliers

We transmit to our suppliers with the members that Viajes Massabus relates the principles and values ​​embodied in the Supplier's Code of Ethics:

  • Relating to business ethics and transparent management
  • Labor practices, health and safety
  • Environment
  • The quality and safety of the service and the services marketed

We develop responsible practices with the purpose of generating value and trust in our business relationships.


In Viajes Massabus we take the safety of our workers very seriously, therefore, we have hired a third-party Prevention service that is responsible for carrying out the corresponding annual reviews of workers' health, to ensure that they have the necessary physical and physical fitness as a psychic to develop their work, in addition to providing specific training that corresponds to each position and general training in Occupational Risk Prevention (PRL)..

In addition, providing training to our workers is periodically delivered by the administration staff of the information of the risks that their job entails and the Personal Protective Equipment necessary for each of the positions they occupy.

Both when providing services to our customers and when they access suppliers to our workplace, we previously coordinate business activities in order to ensure the safety of the workers involved during the provision of these services..


Companies begin to be aware that profit generation is their main objective, but not their only reason for being.

In Viajes Massabus, we are aware of the impact of our activity on the social and environmental environment, therefore, we try as much as possible that the decision-making and setting of our objectives is carried out not only thinking about obtaining profit but taking into account the sustainable development of our business activity at / p, our stakeholders and society in general.

To achieve our goal of a socially responsible company there is a commitment on the part of the management and administration of Viajes Massabus, through this commitment measures have been introduced to reduce the environmental impact of our activity, in addition to showing our commitment to society, that is to say with our customers, workers, suppliers and with the rest of society.

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